Leaders may derail if they don’t actively manage their reputation.

We had in one EMEA management team program a leader suffering to get his regional agenda through country organizations. The leader’s reputation was being very smart, but number driven and having all the right answers, i.e. knowing what to do in the countries without asking. That didn’t warm up local managing directors. After accepting that something must be changed the leader was willing to discuss his topic in a group coaching session where colleagues gave him great advices and ideas how to modify his leadership and eventually his reputation.

It became a successful process. Country organizations felt being respected and listened to much better and a real dialogue was created with increased buy in for regional agenda. The leader’s reputation changed and helped him to succeed also in later positions. I.e. we really can manage our reputation. That is part of increasing self-awareness (“What is my reputation?”) and development (“How can I change my leadership to improve my reputation?”).

So, what is your reputation as a leader? Are you ready to find out and manage it right?