How to make a great management team? Building trust, respect and appreciation

We all have a need to be listened to – that is a way how people can show us that they respect and appreciate us. We notice in few seconds if a person listening to us is not doing it unconditionally. Negative mimics, comments, interruptions, other activities at the same time, etc. – the list is long for things to destroy the process. End result is we don’t feel being respected.

Respect doesn’t mean that we need to agree – I respect you as a person, your strengths & experiences, anyhow I might have a different opinion. When we have good level of trust, respect and appreciation in a management team a real dialogue happens automatically without giving everybody special time for sharing own opinions.

You can help building trust, respect and appreciation in a management team e.g. by increasing awareness and sharing our

– Natural Tendencies / MBTI types -> we are different, let use it

– Strengths (and Weaknesses)

– Core Values

– 360 Degree Assessments

– Learning active listening

– Crucible life moments

– Etc.

In a trustful environment without fear people are ready to share individual information – that makes other members of the team to feel being trusted and appreciated. The team develops and will be ready to take challenges.