The challenge in digitalization is not technology – it is people!

The challenge in digitalization is not technology – it is people! Many companies today are facing a big question: is our company ready for the digital transformation? Often the answer is: “Yes, our R&D is looking into it”. If that is the only thing happening the future doesn’t look too bright. Digitalization must go ahead strategy & people first. It is difficult to go for digital transformation if the culture is built around silos and there is no clear support from the management on a strategic level.

I spent 15 years in various telecommunication companies, from global players to start ups working with transformation from speech to applications. Now with digitalization and IoT we have chance to outperform technology one to ten. But have we done anything for the organization or leadership to make things really happen? My unfortunate answers in NO, or very little.

After talking with several technology providers and operators, so many things seem to be the same. So, who is going to be the first to say – we need to change! Digital transformation will fail without shared ownership in the complete management, supporting strategy, cross functional teams and right leadership.

Is your company ready?