Right culture for digitalization – Right to challenge and fail together – a WE Culture!

89% of digitalization projects fail according to studies. What is then needed from a culture to support the process?

Digitalization will never fly if it remains as a topic for one department trying to minimise costs and mistakes. We need to be able to challenge existing thinking, take joint ownership and fail or succeed together out of silos. This kind of culture is called for a WE Culture.

In the WE Culture leaders coach individuals to establish natural cross function networks to take joint responsibility and make decisions. These networks have autonomy with empowerment to succeed. In the WE Culture joint ownership & success are more important than individual achievement.

A WE Culture team or an organization has so high trust, respect and appreciation between its members (WE) that challenging existing individual opinions as well as failing in trying something new is possible. Group energy and enthusiasm to succeed together will help to include people with different talents and strengths, thus better utilizing diversity.

Within last 10 years I have worked with many companies implementing a WE culture successfully. What kind of culture does exist in your company? Are WE ready?