Why do self-aware leaders make higher performing (management) teams?

A great leader has something similar to a world class driver of a race car. They both are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, understand their track/market, know inside-out their vehicle/management team and never stop developing it.

Could you imagine a Formula 1 driver saying: “The car feels kind of okay, we’ll leave it as it is…”. No, they’ll do everything in their power to work together with specialists to find new information and methods, better parts and stronger commitment to make the car even faster.

A self-aware leader knows his strengths and realizes that it is impossible for him alone to build a winning race car, i.e. his management team. Why would a leader feel uncomfortable to states that there are better specialists in some areas? To get the best performance out of our teams requires continuous development and co-operation with external sources. Successful leaders can fill up gaps with other people’s strengths creating a unique combo bringing right results. Okay is not good enough – it is a long way to build a high-performance team, but understanding need for support and walking the journey together is definitely worth it. That differs successful leaders from others.